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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Awesome A Frame Tent

Hi there folks!
Today the littlest one and I made a tent!
This one here :)
We followed this awesome tutorial.
I made a Tri pod version
and this version that hangs from a tree.

But THIS one looks so fun!

It folds up beautifully for storage
and is big enough to get a few girls in at once.

I might have mentioned,
we have a few.
I just can't get enough cozy.
What could be better??

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pom Pom Trees

Hi Punks!
Guess what grew over here?
Pom pom trees.

It's way too early for spring
in our parts,

We have cherry blossoms,
and snowdrops, daffodils, the odd crocus and glee.

Just in case we get a foot of snow
next week,
we thought we'd make more long term

We're blowing bubbles again.

And, barefoot beach picnics in the rain.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Felt Hearts for Sweethearts

Hi Guys!
Life has been mad busy over here.
These cheeky monkeys are running in circles.

in between the spinning

we're making silly things like this.

These are cheeky times
full of fairy bike rides

and the cheeky sisters endure.


See you soon!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rainbow New Year

Christmas came and went!
We tried to fight the good festive fight
and bring in the cheer.

There was mistletoe
and Santa brought roller skates
so that's all flavours of awesome.

First teeth were lost,
and fairies came.
But there was also pneumonia for me,
so cancelled parties and old timey swooning etc.
Let's shake that off and have a NEW YEAR!

And bring in more rainbows.



 all flavours of rainbow welcome.

I haven't made anything in so long

I almost forgot.

But there it is.
A Nessie shirt and a big

Mission accomplished.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


I made something!
I finally made Deila's pencil skirt

Taking photos of self
But what's a girl to do
(sidebar: except never make this face again)
It has a fun kick pleat.
It has pleats
And it's made out of this amazing
velvet, octagon upholstery fabric.

I should have made a muslin,
because it turns out
this isn't the perfect length for me
and it's a little big.
As I was trying to find a place for photos
inside, it became clear we don't have one.  

After these snaps I altered my new skirt
by shortening it
and taking it in,
as is my tradition. 
I've got date night with the sweetie.
maybe I should road test it ce soir.

We will see if I murdered this effort,
or improved it.