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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Seagulls? We'll take it!

Happy Long Weekend Folks!

This project has been endless and tedious.
It's also boring, debatably ugly,
but essential and super practical for good times.

We inherited this swing from a neighbour who was moving. 
The roof was all deteriorated due to sun exposure. 
It's our reading spot in the weather. 
Rain or shine, so it needed a new cover. 
I looked for cute fabric- but sadly failed. 
Black it is.
ACDC would approve.

Underneath it's a little more exciting. 
Pom pom's, twinkle lights etc. 

And then...the same thing happened with a playhouse.
I didn't take a before picture,
but it needed some love.

I debated many things, in about 5 minutes.
And then with such a small childless window,
used the only exterior paint in the garage.

Then stuck on some geometric shapes 
and polka dots. 

I'll have to add some rainbow curtains
and some interior chalk paint so they can 
go nuts inside. 

But that we'll call phase 2.
who knows when that will happen!!

Until then...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This Weird Moment

Things here have been cruising along in the land of weird.

I mean, I don't think it's normal to dress up like
bumblebee related creatures and march in a parade...

but why be normal ?
Someone else is probably taking care of that job.

Life is green here. 

The flowers and sun make everything better. 

This is hardly a 'make' proper...
but I've been framing and shelving things above other things.

This little collection is over our bed.
Just above some twinkle lights.
Very high school. 

This one is on the parallel wall.

This one lives in Nu's room.
She has a Zebra thing and the cross stitch hung 
in my room as a kid.
My grandmother made a boy and girl set. 

Who knew there was a cross stitcher in my past?

I've been making some rainbow hats to sustain 
Yu's heartbeat. 

We made this one together 
(thus the very wiggly stitch line)
And then she completely rejected it.
Thank goodness Nu scooped it up. 

This little one has no lack of decisive opinions.

And this one?
Ohh I get glimpses of her grown up self already.
Hey Life!
Slow down!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Greedy Growing Gardening

We are at it again.
The big one grifted me.
She was too sick to go to school...
and then...
let's call it a mental health day.

So I put her to work !
We made another garden bed in our boulevard.

We've had this arbor for years but it needed 
a face lift so I sanded it and repainted it
before we replanted it.

I'm loving the contrast between the wrought iron
and tumbling out flowers.

We've strung some solar twinkle lights 
through this eventual flower canopy

Their are lots of places for wee and grand bums

Another little addition to our respite

It keeps growing and growing!!

I may have officially run out of room!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cloudy with a Chance of Spinning.

I've  been dreaming of this dress for awhile

Sort of.

I fell madly deeply in love with this fabric.

Especially this turquoise colour.

So I ordered it on line without a plan of what to make
And, then found I had too little. 
SO since I had ordered two colours I made the bodice 
out of the grey.

I made one of my favourite patterns 

which is reversible

So double swoon.

My favourite part is the flutter sleeves,
but because I was sewing in a rush,
late at night, bleary brained. 

I forgot to sew them between the two layers
and decided not to unpick.
So sigh, no flutter sleeves.

It was originally imagined for this middle girl,
but the big girl loved it too.

And, of course the littlest one had to get in on the spinning
when the camera came out!

The only challenge with this dress is it's a little tricky
to put on and take off because of the cute fit.

Even though my kids insist I'm murdering them each time
I try and get it off their heads-
the clouds, the twirl, the cuteness...
totally worth it!!

Sometimes, it's Wise to Say No to the Siren Song of Your Drill

Have you ever had the thought:
I can do that!
And then have you ever ignored the more
pertinent question:
Should I do that?

Well, this week I decided I was
failing at motherhood unless I was making
nutritious delicious smoothies.
And filling my Shorties with love and nutrients.
(Thank you Pinterest!)

So I pulled out the blender I haven't used in
literally 15 years, and thought...
why don't I use this?

Then the smell of burnt mystery plastic
began wafting through the kitchen:
Ah, that's why.

Off I go to buy a new blender,
I mean the old one did last +20 years.

Surely a new blender would elevate me
to perfect mother smoothie queen.

I mean doesn't this rag tag crew look like
they have a hankerin' for smoothies?!

So I looked up recipies and made smoothies.

The first round was berry coloured.

I emphasis the colour rather than the flavour,
because that's what stuck with me
when it fell out of the hands of the Littles and all
over the floor and covered our white chairs

and our dog 
with permanent berry adornment.


Epic Fail.

Then I thought Ahha!
I'll make these:

This will contain the smoothie when gravity interferes.

In my garage I had neglected Mason jars,
and I always have my drill under my pillow.
Or at least close by.
How hard could it be?

So I drilled a hole in the centre.
What could be easier?!

In the end I concluded.


First I tried to get away with a regular
drill bit.

Then I went and bought a new magic
super bit.
Then I spewed tiny metal shavings
all over our backyard and immediately
envisioned a summer of short people 
hopping and yelling.

Then this, then that, then ugh!!
I will spare you the blow by blow,
at which point I almost came to blows
with myself.

One of those days,
when the drill should have stayed under the pillow.

Oh yah,
apparently my kids don't like smoothies anymore. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Guerilla Gardening Again

Fist Pump!!

 in a variety of messy ways.

And these have come in handy 


And these 3 love to get down in the dirt.

So we began some guerrilla gardening in our boulevard.

We packed it full of bleeding hearts, bacopa


and rabbits.

This is what we ended up with.

It's nice to have helpers.

Even if they want to make
 glitter shoes before gardening.

I wonder where she got the love 
of a good shoe from?

She spent a long time admiring them.

The other two little devil's were busy

with imaginary boat trips

 and general hanging around.

While we are thinking deep thoughts about 
what's next, 

hope you have a super fun day. 

We're outta here!