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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fox in socks

These are funny, crazy, wonderful, 
maddening, exhausting, beautiful, 
grateful, bountiful times. 

It was Remembrance Day,
and I'm so grateful.

My Dad fought in WWII,
my uncle died in it. 
My other Uncle survived Korea.
I am so glad that someone else is protecting me
and hopefully making the world a better place,
especially for women and children in this world. 

And I am grateful
because someone else has put themselves in 
harms way on my behalf.

I have the luxury of not thinking about it too much. 
I do think about the privileges and luck I have.
I can vote. I can work. I can attend school, and teach.
I can walk in the streets freely and expect safety-
I can hope for happiness for my 3 daughters. 
I can choose to partner with someone I love.
I can wish for them this same true partnership.

Out there, not far
are hundreds of thousands, millions of women
who fear, 
and who are forbidden from everything. 
From loving, from living with choice.

Thank you to those who stand up for the little one in all of us
and serve us, may compassion reign.  

Oh these wonderful, magical, funny, bonkers sisters.

This big one had a fever yesterday,
and making her this fox cowl
has made her so happy-
it makes me happy. 

I've been experiencing so much of her big girl lately,
that it's nice to have a few days at home,
where she is little.  

I so wonder who this young person will evolve into.
Wonderful for sure...but I wonder where her journey will take her.

So many possibilities for this person I love so.

She is so observant and loving. 

So lit from within.

She tells me she is not sure about this Santa character...

but absolutely believes in fairies. 

I hope she keeps telling me all these things...

and the other things too. 

She's also a worrier of the highest order. 
And in these impossible times where the world is so full 
of the tragedies in Paris and Beirut, 
climate change and...and...and

I so want to hold her close,
and keep her little. 

'Cause big girl times are coming,
the world in knocking hard on childhood. 

I'm glad she's smothered in sister love,
and I hope they all remember to hold onto 
each other, and these fleeting magical childhood times. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Upside down much?

Things are a little upside down here. 



things are happening.

There is knitting, 

and crochet

and always a button or two with a plan

Hope your stitches are holding together. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Quick Catch Up


Summer ended. 

Bikes were ridden.

The one who was 3, turned 


The one who was 5?

She turned 6!

We've been running like the wind. 

We still make time for beaches

and best friends.

Bathtime, bunnies and bonding, 

especially in the woods. 

Between the lost teeth, thanksgivings and 

pumpkin patches. 

I'd say we're a little pooped. 

Except I think Christmas is already coming. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Kisses and Pom Poms

Ever lie around dreaming of little kisses?

I can't help but swoon over these little stitches these days. 

My middle one has a duvet cover that is covered 
in X's and I tell her it's kisses to wrap her up in through the night. 

So although I didn't make these 3 $5 Ikea pillowcase- 
I did stitch, and stitch and stitch the little crosses/ x's...kisses.

And then I stitched more and more and more.

And obviously everyone needs more pom poms!

Kisses and pom pom's. 
Life is good. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Block Party Fun Fun

This year we decided to try something new.

With fellow neighbours we organized the first block party

our neighbourhood has ever had.

Amazingly we had about 200 people come, dance,
play games, make art and climb on a firetruck.

t was pretty amazing to meet so many new faces.
We had a camp sing a long, smores, a scavenger hunt.
And more.

We threw the invite wide and folks came climbing out 
of the woodwork. 

And with the block party behind us,
I can't believe summer is over.

I feel like we were just getting the hang of things. 

School starts next week.

I think that means less ice cream.

No one likes less ice cream.