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Z is for Zebra for

Hey You,it's us. And we're finally at the end of the alphabet! 📷 If you've been following along,you'll know I've been sewing throughall 26 letters of the alphabet with Katy from 📷 Today is dedicated to the big finale.The letter Z!! 📷 This little girl has long loved Z with abandon. 📷 I've thus had this Echino fabric cut outfor months, waiting patiently for the end.I stitched up a Parsley Pant 📷 I love the blue and the zebra's,but the material goes a littleacid eaters for my taste. 📷 If you lift up Nu's shirt it's a drunken circus. 📷 But, she's game because of the Zebra's,her favorite animal. 📷 And, if she's gamethen me too!! There's also a bonus purplezig zag's at the cuff. 📷 And now, phew. I loved this series, but I'm happy there are only 26 letters in my alphabet. Z is for zip it! All done :)


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