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We were away for 10 days in Hawaii.It was lovely and amazing.

We don't travel much, so I was soooo happy to be off and away.

It was also, as always 3 little kid madness.

But no one threw anyone or anything out the window.
I made and blogged about this dress here. We brought home stomach flu.So I was yacking into ziplocks on the flight home. (That text may not fit with the image above, too much info?!) While I was there thistunic was my uniform.

It was the perfect bathing suit cover up.

Soooo back to Sewing Through All 26 letters of the alphabet with

I made another Sew Liberated School House Tunic. I used Nana Iro double gauze and WHOA!!!

So comfy!!

I added an extra pleat and may lengthen it so my business is more secure. I should have added pockets... maybe later.

I'll be chasing 3 littles around pools this summer so an extra uniform is key.

photo by Tyson It was great to be gone,and now it's great to be back.

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