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I'm catching up with Katy from www.nobigdill.comas she Sews Through All 26 letters of the alphabet. This post is for "U", and You and Nu. 📷 Here's the resident mastermind: Have you ever seen such a dangerous criminal? 📷 Dressed in black and white prison garb, after ever so sweetly requesting a turtleneck just like her sisters so they could share them.(cough) A diet of gruel and water, 📷 she's bad to the bone. 📷 Why, if released from snack she might continue kissing dogs. 📷 and spreading her own nefarious version of embrace. Poor little Lego figure, didn't know what hit it with all the smooches. Some of those won't wash off after all.  📷As Mike Myers (and our good friend Siobhan) says..."To evil!"

📷 If only it always came with pigtails.


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