• flyandnest for Underworld

I'm catching up with Katy from www.nobigdill.comas she Sews Through All 26 letters of the alphabet. This post is for "U", and You and Nu.

Here's the resident mastermind: Have you ever seen such a dangerous criminal?
Dressed in black and white prison garb, after ever so sweetly requesting a turtleneck just like her sisters so they could share them.(cough) A diet of gruel and water,
she's bad to the bone.
Why, if released from snack she might continue kissing dogs.
and spreading her own nefarious version of embrace. Poor little Lego figure, didn't know what hit it with all the smooches. Some of those won't wash off after all. 
As Mike Myers (and our good friend Siobhan) says..."To evil!"

If only it always came with pigtails.

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