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A Pox on Hat's! Up with Bonnets!

My short people eschew the traditional head dress. I have tried hats of all sorts and without crazy glueVelcro and duct tape attachmentsthey are flungfar and further wide, also afield. But here comes the bonnet! 📷 Still a little grim about the head gear concept. 📷 Clearly it burns. 📷 The cuteness is high but the mitts are working hard to disengage the new bonnet. 📷 Triumphant success!!

📷 A little bit of peak-a-boo-bonnet(perhaps you've heard of it)and the hat was deemed worthy for a road test 📷 Even the big sister who is just learning to befriend the hat in its many forms, was a fan. 📷 She requested red on the outside and purple on the inside. Who could refuse such a request?


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